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TUFF II Pre-Mixed Coating
Tuff II is a heavy duty pre-mixed, pre-colored, 100% acrylic, ready to use protective and decorative trowel or spray on coating for ICF & rigid foam insulation. Tuff II is incredibly strong and durable. It's perfect for protecting foam near high
traffic areas and it can even be used to coat entire walls.

Just adhere the Sticky Mesh HD then pop the top and trowel or spray the Tuff II directly over the mesh and foam board. The Tuff II can be troweled smooth or textured to an authentic stucco finish. When you are finished simply re-seal the lid for touch ups or your next project.

Tuff II also bonds to a variety of surfaces including ICF foam blocks, masonry, brick and cement blocks. Tuff II comes in two pre-mixed colors; white, and concrete grey. Custom
colors are available upon request.

Coverage: 80 Square Feet per 5 Gallon Pail
Application: Trowel, Hopper Spray Gun, Drywall Knife

Substrates: Rigid Foam Insulation, ICF, Concrete,
Masonry Block, Drywall,

Available in White, Concrete Grey and a variety of tinted colors:

Custom color matching is available.

Two Page Informational Flyer
Installation Instructions
Product Data Sheet

Installation Videos
Tuff II Over Rigid Foam - High Speed (Cable/DSL)
Tuff II Over Rigid Foam - Low Speed (Dial-Up)

Tuff II Over Fold-Form ICF- High Speed (Cable/DSL)
Tuff II Over Fold-Form ICF- Low Speed (Dial-Up)

Tuff II Over EPS Foam ICF - High Speed (Cable/DSL)
Tuff II Over EPS Foam- Low Bandwidth (Dial-Up)

Tuff II Over Concrete - High Speed (Cable/DSL)
Tuff II Over Concrete - Low Speed (Dial-Up)

Frequently Asked Questions
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Tuff II is easy to apply and texture with a wide variety of readily available tools.  

Don't know how to use a trowel? Don't worry, you can apply Tuff II
with a drywall blade and texture it with a brush.
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